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Are you tired of self-sabotaging and getting in your own way? Are you ready to choose you and change your life? What if you had access to easy tools to uplift your day, a community that celebrated your successes, and encouraged you in the moments you felt alone?

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Just like a good pair of boots.

Just like a good pair of boots, we have all been though the mud and have come out on the other side comfier in your own skin, Brok'in.

Brokin is about breaking the stigma, the rules, and approaching mental health
through wellness, grit, grace and inspiring you to live your best life possible.

We believe the best things are Brokin, just like your favorite boots, jeans, your old jeep, and your heart. 
If they are not Brokin they don't feel as good, they aren't as comfy, they don't have a story. You and your story matter. 
Brokin knows everyone has a story, and they are unique.
We have all been Brokin on some level and no matter what level, if it matters to you it matters. 
 Our mission is to share our stories, our tools and tips to help beat the rough days and to reach as many people as possible. We are all in this one ride together, we are proud to be Brokin! 

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CONNECT Summit County’s mission is to create a well-informed and stigma-free community with access to mental health services for all residents of Summit County

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